6.27 – That New New

The end of June is upon us and summer is officially in full swing. And on the TNN tip, there is never any slowing down with solid and notable new tunes coming out. It seems to be just a way of life in 2016. First up, we’ve got a huge new posse cut from Jeezy, 2 Chainz and Future called “Magic City Monday”. 2 Chainz stays stealing the show like always. Second, we’ve got a new original from NY house producer, Moon Boots. He drops a really smooth foray into ’90s influenced classic dance vibes. Finally, we’ve got a new cut from THEY., an eclectic duo that’s burst onto the music scene in the last 12 months. Their latest, “Say When”, is a super rouged and bluesy banger. You can stream all 3 in full below.