F.O.T.R. – Timothy Curtis


A little over two years ago, a new AGUA print popped up at ICY SIGNS and immediately grabbed our attention – who made that?, and please take our money! Fast forward to last November, and the artist, now working under his government name Timothy Curtis, was painting daily at the Coney Island exhibit at Brooklyn Museum alongside our old friend Stephen Powers. You can go see him there until the end of the summer, and if he isn’t there he’s at Icy Signs – but really you should go either way, because now you need that print!

MANIFESTED DESTINY Let's do it again today young bul! @coneyislandartwalls

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When you come out to Coney Art Walls on July 9th for The Rub x 143, you’re going to see this mural, plus around 30 more by world class artists, all for the low low price of $10. And they have a ton of good food and booze, AND an incredible sound system with your favorite selectors pumping tunes. But anyway back to Tim Curtis – we’ve been dreaming of using his artwork on a flyer since seeing that first print in 2014, and this Coney Island party presented the perfect opportunity. Feast your eyes on this beauty, with layout and text by 143’s resident renaissance man, Siik:


Next up on Friends of The Rub, we’re going to introduce you to the stars of the show, 143. Until then, you’re going to want to smash that follow button on Timothy Curtis. And we went to send massive thanks to Steve and Icy Signs for linking us with the files, love you forever!