FOTR: DJ Getlive!

One of our guests for The Rub this month is DJ GetLive! Born and raised in Queens, GetLive! has been djing since 1999 by sneaking into clubs and jumping on the decks at the tender age of 16. He’s quickly become one of our favorite DJs in the city and he’s known for his party rocking djing style that features a diverse and eclectic music selection on top of slick turntable skills that makes classic records you may have forgot about sound incredibly fresh and new again. We let him take over Rub Radio this month and he provided us with a live set from his Donuts are Forever party, an annual tribute to the one and only Dilla. He totally brought the goods on this mix. Peep this and definitely make sure you do not miss his set this Saturday at The Bell House.

Stay Up With DJ GetLive!