FOTR: Kevlove

Another one of our special guests this Saturday at The Rub is Kevlove. He lives over the Jersey side and has been embedded in the burgeoning nightlife and club culture that’s been developing there. Any quick glance at Kev’s socials and you see that he’s loaded up with a number of gigs every single week whether in Jersey or NY/BK. Kev’s way of playing tunes though is what’s really got us becoming fans of his djing. His M.O. is really encapsulated in this quote: “What is most important to me in DJing or any project I undertake is to genuinely have the love for it. This foundation is imperative because everything else after falls into place – people begin to see your vision, you start connecting and building relationships, and opportunity begins to present itself.” PREACH. Check out his vibe for a preview via his edition of Rub Radio he did for us back in September. Stay connected with him as well on all the socials and we’ll see you all on Saturday at The Bell House.

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