Friends of The Rub – DJ Benny B

Got some new music for y’all from a longtime friend of ours, DJ Benny B. Benny is one of the more prolific DJ’s we know for releasing mixes, but his latest one has captured our interests. We knew he has always been a huge R&B fan, but with his latest mix, he crafts together 20 House remixes of familiar R&B anthems. Seriously, press play on House of Music Vol 2 and you’ll be ready for the weekend right at track one. This mix bangs!

Benny’s one of the hardest working DJ’s in New York City. Make sure you stay up with him via TWITTER and check out his website. He also drops knowledge on the regular about ramen, chinese food, manga, bagels, daily commutes to midtown, and shitty top 40 DJ requests. He also is the self-proclaimed “best wedding DJ on the planet” so take the Pepsi challenge with him on that one.

Benny also contributed to DJ Ayres’ popular Heavy Warmup series a little while back. This is one of the best mixes of the series.