Friends of The Rub – DJ Knife

Boston, represent! While we here in Brooklyn might not agree with you on baseball teams (Red Sox Suck!), one thing we know is that Boston always has a crop of incredible DJ’s. One of them is our guy DJ Knife.

“Every time we make it up to Boston, it’s a pleasure to get to rock with DJ Knife. A great DJ and an always hilarious dude to party with, Knife has been throwing Fresh Produce with DJ Tommee for about as long as we can remember. He just dropped the latest volume of his Strange Brew mix series. Scroll down to grab it and the first two volumes.” – DJ Eleven

We’re stoked every time he sends us a mix. They’re always terrific and make you wonder “Where the hell did he get that remix from?”

This one is hot off the presses:

Strange Bew Vol. 2:

Strange Brew Vol. 1

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