Friends of The Rub – DJ Neil Armstrong

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We cannot think of anything better to help get you into the mood than showcasing our pal Neil Armstrong’s Sweeet 10 Year Anniversary Box Set. He recently stopped by The Rub and dropped a set off and we got to say, this is one of the more impressive sets we have ever seen. Full support!

DJ Neil Armstrong is one of the DJ world’s true icons based on his extensive work as a turntablist, mixtape savant, touring DJ, and global brand ambassador. He’s toured around the world with Jay-Z, played events at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and basically made a life for himself doing what he loves. On top of that, he’s an all around good dude.

His 10 year Anniversary Box Set “Sweeet” is an incredible compilation of a series of mixes Neil has been releasing steadily for a decade. They are all must listens and truly are the perfect series for lovers or ex lovers to listen to. Just beautiful music to get down to.

You should purchase this set, along with slipmats, control records, or t-shirts on Neil’s website HERE

He also released a teaser for a track he has on one of the mixes that is definitely worth a listen:

Follow Neil on TWITTER to stay in touch with him. If he is ever playing in your town, he is someone you have to see in person.