Friends of The Rub – Rok One

Rok One (aka Roland Kutner) is a New York City staple. Hailing from Stuyvesant Town in Manhattan’s East Village, you can find Rok all over the NYC nightlife scene rocking parties many nights of the week on the 1’s and 2’s. We know first hand how great of a DJ Rok is cause we’ve had him play The Rub on three separate occasions! His residency at The Woods on Saturday nights in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood is a sight to see. Hipsters actually put their phones down and dance. In 2012, if that isn’t a compliment to a DJ, I don’t know what is!

Lately, Rok has taken his talents to the production game as part of a new duo called Black Russian with Mike Dextro. The guys have released 3 tracks so far, but suffice to say, Black Russian is grabbing quite a bit of attention. Their latest remix project has been for Escort and their absolute club anthem “Cameleon Chameleon.” How good is this remix? Well, good enough that a small little publication named Rolling Stone took notice and offered it as part of their Daily Download feature (Grab the remix from Rolling Stone for free HERE).

Lana Del Ray’s “National Anthem” also got the Black Russian remix treatment and was released a couple weeks ago. This is a fantastic take on a very huge song!

Rok is heavily active with Stretch Armstrong’s record label, Plant Music, and even contributed a remix to a recent release by The Glass:

Close to home for us, as part of DJ Ayres’ Heavy Warmup Series, Rok One put out a mix that is definitely one of the most popular. I’ve gotten through road trips driving through the South at night to this mix, it is just so good! Do yourself a favor and download this one and let it play.

Make sure you follow Rok on TWITTER as well as BLACK RUSSIAN. You should also click “Like” on their FACEBOOK page so you can get all the free downloads coming from them.