Friends of The Rub – Sampology

This month we bring our talented pal Samplology back to The Rub. He originally played with us 2 years ago at Southpaw and was absolutely incredible. When we heard he was on a US/Canada tour, we knew we had to bring him back!

Hailing from Australia, Sampology has been a regular on the festival circuits for years now, bringing a style that blends audio and visual components together to really make him stand out from his peers. He’s a terrific turntablist who is always very clever with his transitions. His live show “Super Visual” is a combination of music and live video and is a real show-stopper. He’s also releasing an album shortly this month so we’re happy to have him come celebrate with us.

When we say he plays a huge live audio/visual show at festivals, this is what we mean:

He has a ton of mixes available on his website, but his Parliament Funkadelic mix is a great starting point for you:

He has an official remix just released for the artist Twinsy that you can download for free below:

Make sure you guys stay in touch with Sampology through his TWITTER and FACEBOOK accounts.