Friends of The Rub – Scott Matelic

Indianapolis’ finest, Scott Matelic, makes his Rub debut this month and we couldn’t be happier! We’ve known about Scott for sometime thanks to his work on a really solid EP he released back in 2004 called “Primitive Pessimist”. It was such a vastly underrated EP, filled with heavy beats and beautifully melodic keys that holds up really well today. Since then, Scott has been a working DJ in Indianapolis but has now made his way to over to Brooklyn last year. We don’t like to throw praise out too easily around here, but when it comes to Scott Matelic as a DJ, let’s just say he can hold his own with the best of the best. He has a very rare ability to be able to scratch during his set as a way to heighten the mood, not draw attention to his scratching. He is a top notch party rocker who is a terrific fit for The Rub’s atmosphere.

Fans of The Rub may also recall a Baltimore Club EP of his that dropped on our pal Emynd’s record label Crossfaded Bacon back in 2009 called “Party People”.

His latest work as a producer is a collaboration with Jay McElfresh entitled “Gold Metal.” The group released an album recently called “Drop Out City” that is available to stream. Highly recommended!

Scott was also featured in a short student film shot back in 2010 that allows a nice window into his world and background in music.