Friends of The Rub – Skinny Friedman

“Friends of The Rub” should be called “Family of The Rub” this week as we feature Andy “Skinny” Friedman. Andy has been a long-time associate of ours, creatively, as well as on an administrative level for us behind the scenes. On his own time, he has been working non-stop as a full-time DJ/producer along with running his own record label, Young Robots, with his Philadelphyinz partner DJ Apt-One and our guy DJ Ayres.

Skinny has a big release out today that’s getting support from all over called Trap Rave 2.0.

He’s been heavy into the Moombahton scene since Spring of 2010, but his work stands out from other Moombahtonistas due to his endearing love and knowledge of rap music. All of the tracks on Trap Rave 2.0 are remixes of recent rap hits. The set has a real cohesive feel and all play out real well to even the most finicky of dancefloors.

If you don’t believe us, check out the shout-out he got in Spin Magazine. BAWSE!

Along with the EP release today, he also out out a mix last week called “Rack Skinny Bitch” that bangs so hard.

We offer our full support to an old friend of ours and if you are in New York City this weekend, go rage with him at his EP release party. Pretty good chance he might take his shirt off at some point during this night of debauchery so don’t miss it!