Few people we love more than the dynamic duo from Canada, the Smalltown DJ’s. We’ve had a long relationship with these two brothers over the past decade. From touring with them, having them guest at The Rub, to playing at their top class music venue in Calgary, The Hi-Fi Club, our paths continue to run into each other. They’re just great dudes, what can we say?

We’re also big fans of their production and remix work over the years. Their new single, “Loving The Vibe” came out on DJ Ayres’ label, T&A records yesterday. The single is a ton of fun and is already getting plenty of play from DJ’s all over. Really love the tropical bass influences in this. The single also has 4 remixes from all different genres. Lots to like about this entire release, so go support some of our dearest friends.

Grab it on Beatport HERE

Pick up DJ Theory’s remix for free over at Gotta Dance Dirty

Anyone who knows these two guys know they are some of the funniest guys you’ll ever meet, so much so this tour video was made for our Sixpacks, Shotguns, and Serato tour from 2010. One of the best tours ever.

Keep up with these guys on their website HERE