Jamie xx – In Colour

Certainly many of you reading this are familiar with Jamie xx now, either by his contributions to the widely acclaimed group, The xx, or by the growing legend of his solo work that has always been released sporadically at most. Finally last week saw the release of his debut artist LP, In Colour, on Young Turks and it collectively has the internet going nuts (shouts to Paul Wall for a phrase that will probably never get old). Today for #TNN we’re giving a nod to this finely crafted LP and I’ll even personally go as far as saying that it’s currently my album of the year for 2015. Rarely ever do we get a full project, in any genre, that cohesively brings together elements of nostalgia with such a firm look towards the future. I can honestly see this LP inspiring a whole generation of young aspiring electronic music producers, especially those who have zero interest in turning up all the time. In Colour is a true work of art and we definitely recommend this albums gets added to your collection. Get up on it at least before the pop megastars of this music world start to pillage his sound.

Stream it in full here.