Live at Southpaw (February 2012)

We put a whole lot of thought into our sets for the last one at Southpaw, and we wanted to hit a ton of Rub “standards” from the past 9 years in addition to the brand new music and classics we’re known for. The party was completely rammed from 10 PM til 4:00 AM, and this two hours is chopped down from the entire six hours we recorded. We edited it to reflect the arc of the party and tried to leave in the best parts without fucking up the flow too much, and you can hear all the drunken shoutouts and some of the crowd noise.  This was the most fun party we’ve ever DJed in our lives, and we think it’s just a taste of what’s to come.

The Rub – Live @ Southpaw (February 2012) by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud