#TBT – 143 – Seratocast 37 (1-4-3 Means I Love You)

TBT this week is comes from our friends from the 143 crew. This crew loves you and is all about the slow jams, love songs and R&B classics. And those vibes are laced all over this mix they did for the Seratocast mix series. As we mentioned a couple days ago, the DJ combo of Partytime, siik and SOSUPERSAM linked up to kick off this successful event series back in 2013 and they are bringing these feels to Coney Island with us this Saturday at The Coney Island Art Walls from 4-10 pm. Grab your tickets HERE. Until then, kick back and soak in the sounds of Usher, Mariah, 112, Drake and so many more favorites from this mix. This event Saturday promises to be great!