The Mulligans

The Mulligans.  Nope, not an Irish family who loves the drink.  It is a new series over at 11 Inch Records with a ridiculous name derived from the boringest of games, golf.  In short, a mulligan is when a player gets a second chance to perform a certain move or action.  (“I’m going to take a mulligan on that shot.”  “Too bad you can’t take a mulligan on that guy you slept with.”  You get the idea.)

These are all ideas which were taken from projects that I had to put the kibosh on, for one reason or another.  But, instead of letting them languish on a harddrive somewhere, I’m giving them a second chance & letting them fly.  So check here every Monday for a new joint & a couple words on where it came from.  (Ed: We will try not to call it Mulligan Mondays, but no promises.)

Here are the first 3 so you know the mess you’re getting into:


War Talk (DJ Eleven’s half a remix) by 11InchRecords


Til Your Dead feat. Senor Kaos by 11InchRecords


Weh Dem A Do (DJ Eleven Borrow, Buy remix) by 11InchRecords