Friends of The Rub – Tittsworth

Jesse Tittsworth is one of those guys you just don’t come across very often. Seems like he has his hand in everything these days. From touring around the world as an in-demand DJ, co-owning of one of the best night clubs in America U Street Music Hall, running T&A Records alongside our own DJ Ayres, to becoming known as one of the more interesting foodies you’ll run into, you can bet Jesse is never sitting idle. This week, he releases a much anticipated EP on T&A records called “Juicy Jorts” with DC producers Dj Rez E and Des McMahon.

If you have ever seen a DJ set of his live, his energy is almost spastic. What is so great about his new EP, and most of his production work, is that it sounds just like Jesse. There isn’t really any new music coming out that sounds anything like this. Mix it with this insane cover art, and you got yourself one hell of a release.

Buy it on Beatport HERE

Jesse has one of the best Instagram handles in the game, showcasing all of the food we all wish or are too scared to eat. His handle is a must follow, but be forewarned, he will post pictures of his balls, and I don’t mean Octo-Balls: @Tittsworth

Tittsworth also is a well-known commodity in the tattoo world and has worked with legendary artists like Shige recently.

Check out his back tattoo! This shit is not for the faint of heart! Read about the 60 hour process of getting this done HERE.